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Post Apocalyptic RPG

/>11/17/2012: Prepare for the end to come!!!  The Evolution System w
ill be released in Q2 2013.  Exodus will be the first converted campaign setting.  We'll also be launching a fantasy setting in Q3 2013.

The Survivor's Guide and Wasteland Bestiary is available in PDF on the site again.  We are working to get a corrected version of the Southwest Guide up.  For print copies go to RPGNow.  We will be working on getting all four OGL books up for POD.

All of the Exodus Core PDF e-Books are now at a new low price!  Click on the link below to purchase.
Exodus Survivor's Guide v1.5 PDF
Exodus Wasteland Bestiary v1.1 PDF
Exodus Southwest Wasteland Guide PDF v1.1 

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Knights of the Dinner Table Issue 156 (Brian's Picks) Review
Origins Game Fair 2009 Exodus Review
First Impressions Review

Coming Soon:
Exodus Expansions: Texas (Available Now)

Coming Soon: Exodus EVO Adventures
EVO #1: The Package (Q3 2012)
EVO #2: Old Mexico (3-round adventure) (Q3 2012)