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The sole purpose of this site is to provide information about game cheats, tricks, tips, guides and tutorials that are well needed ny players of mobile, pc and portable handheld mobile users. It is of importance to note that this theme can not in any way change. So you won’t see posts that are not related to what this website do not offer. It is also of important to have in mind that cheats posted here are tested and noted to work properly on the device available here, so, I can’t say for if it will perfectly work on other type of phones.

As this is just a blog about game tips, you should try to read text in disclaimer in order to know bounds here and not blame this blog for sharing something that did not work for you. Try to understand the short disclaimer was written carefully to help you understand truly what this blog can undertake.

For people looking for answers to a particular problem which is not written here, you should contact me directly to get it sorted out. You can even comment on posts, in case you want to say something concerning any article here.

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